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The Average Electric Bill and Ways to Lower Electric Bills

The average electricity bill for United States residential properties is about $1,600. On the other hand, for electricity bills in Australia, the typical homeowners spends about $1,200. If you look at some churches, businesses, or public buildings, however, monthly power consumption can cost about $10,000 or even higher. With the current downturn of the economy, many homeowners find it difficult to pay for these costs. You can say the same thing for businesses.

The more alarming part is in the coming years when you are bound to pay higher electricity bills with the decreasing worldwide supply of fossil fuels and the rising value of energy. Change must start now in terms of how people consume energy if you want save on electricity and ensure future sustainability.

Prior to finding ways to decrease high electricity bills, you have to find out what made your bills high after all. When you look at your average electric bill closely, half of the amount that goes into it comes from your air conditioning and heating systems. When you talk about electricity consumption, a lot of people are guilty about regulating the temperatures of their properties inefficiently. It is very common for buildings that are not properly insulated to lose a great deal of their artificial heat. More heat is lost too if the doors and windows of a home are not sealed properly. For these situations, you waste a great deal of your money in trying to provide heat to your building.

What makes it impossible for you to lower electric bills at home is the use of inefficient appliances and lighting. Many advancements in technology have helped enhance the energy rating of many appliances and lights. When you choose to use these products at home or in the office, you can save on electricity and how much you pay for your average electricity bill. Sadly, not a lot of people are well aware of the advantages of switching to new, green technology in this day and age.

When it comes to keeping your average energy consumption down, there are ways that will not require a lot from you in terms of your resources and finances. The most straightforward way to save on electricity at home is to switch and chose fluorescent lighting. Even if the upfront costs for this type of light are much higher than those of incandescent bulbs, they will last you eight times longer, generally. Moreover, you get to use less electricity with it. By following this simple method, you may be able to save as much as $50 from your annual average electric bill. This is a significant saving.

Another method of saving money on your electric bills is to improve insulation in your property as well as factors affecting heating and cooling. You can save about $150 each year if you improve the insulation of your home. Save an additional amount of $80 annually when get a double pane window installation.

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